How to Unblock a Sender on Gmail

Once you got annoyed with the emails from some sender and to stop receiving those notifications, you blocked that sender. Now that the things have changed, you want to exchange few emails with each other. In order to do that, you need to unblock that sender. Well, on Gmail, it’s not a…

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How To Move Mails to Different Folders in Gmail

Many times it happens that you create a Gmail account and subscribe to many services. In that case, you receive your important emails as well as many promotional or subscription emails direct in your inbox. This creates a mess in your inbox and makes it quite difficult to sort your important…

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Understanding WordPress Dashboard

WordPress dashboard is the first screen a user see when he logs in to admin panel. Dashboard gives you a complete overview of website with the ability to customize, update or edit any content of your website.
Dashboard first screen gives you some quick links such for writing quick draft,…

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